ERP for Enterprise Resource Planning and ERP Functional Advisor has many responsibilities. The consultant must meet the customer's needs when implementing the modules. The ERP functional consultant should be able to improve the business process rather than tailor the ERP system to the existing business process. An ERP functional consultant needs to know the business environment and the process. You should be able to study your existing business process and design your current business process charts. The consultant must categorize and document predefined templates. You will need to create an AS IS document and a TO BE document. The TO BE document is the result of mapping and slice analysis that should be done for each module. ERDs and DFDs must be made before the SAP Business Configuration is started. Testing should be performed such as system integration testing, unit testing, user acceptance testing, performance testing, and so on.

ERP Financial Adviser is required to make documentation of settings for all these tasks. The consultant must develop a user tutor's manual and provide end-user training. Updating the project status must be provided to the driver or project manager.

ERP Financial Advisor works with end-users, other advisors, team members, project manager, central team members, and technical advisors. You must have good communication skills to communicate with and interact with them. Good writing skills must be present to generate reports, documents, and emails. You must have convincing skills as the counselor is obliged to explain and persuade the client. ERP consultants need to be quick to grasp the needs of their customers and find solutions to business-related problems. You need to know the latest business intelligence tools. The consultant must ensure that the system works according to the customer's requirements and also follows the standards and limits

The ERP functional consultant should be aware of business models such as customer relationship management, production, manufacturing, Human Resource Management, Care Management, Finance, Product Lifecycle Management, Inventory, Procurement, etc. This task requires the counselor to plan the business process and define the rules, rules, and standards. High communication skills are needed to interact with stakeholders. It should help the technical team design test cases for functional analysis and provide the user with training on the functionality of the system. An ERP Functional Advisor should be used properly to save time and money while implementing a problem-free system. The consultant's knowledge should be optimally used and the knowledge should be adequately handed over to the staff. Staff should be self-sufficient and self-sufficient with the assistance of the counselor. An important role for ERP's functional adviser is to act as a counselor


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