Advertising is a form of mass communication with the public. Usually it is one-sided, ie from the company to the buyer / potential user. It is a kind of communication that typically tries to persuade potential customers to buy or consume more than a brand / product brand. As Bovee has rightly stated, "Advertising is non-personal communication for information normally paid and of course convincing about products, services, or ideas through identified sponsors through various media."

Advertising is an important means of communication for promoting commercial products and services, providing information, education and motivation to the public on non-commercial issues such as AIDS, non-drinking and driving, polio, water, electricity , saving animals and trees, etc. justifies its existence if it is in the public interest – it is too big a means of being used solely for commercial purposes. "- David Ogilvy, owned by Howard Gossage.

Advertising is the most effective product that can be distinguished from similar products based on the quality differences that consumers have adopted. Tom Egelhoff has classified 6 types of ads, namely corporate image, Advertising, commercial advertising, co-op ads and public service advertisements, such as television, radio, cinema, magazine, magazine, newspaper, video games, internet, Billboard, Transit Cards, Sandwich Board, Skywriting Businesses choose the method for cost, budget, target audience, and their response. Rumor ads / personal recommendations, however, represent the unpaid form of the ad, providing the right exposure at the lowest possible cost

i grow quickly. One Social Networking Advertising. It is online advertising with a focus on social media and the Internet / World Wide Web is to put marketing messages and attract customers. The other is e-mail advertising; E-mail marketing is often known as "opt-in-email advertising" and distinguishes it from spam. "I believe that" credibility "is one of the biggest problems that internet advertisers have not yet addressed. Everyone has a critical concern for privacy, but credibility allows or disables the profitability of the website much better. if the brand does not know it, consumers do not know that a big company, a small company, an honest company, or a single villain, is my private life, but I'm much worried that the person or company I deal with has a good reputation, do I believe in their claims, is there any solution if there is something wrong with the goods – it's strictly a brick and morter question – I can not judge someone in their business when I'm doing this business on the internet I can not take her hand , and to look at them to judge their reality – a huge question. "- Jef Richard

To keep the message effective, keep short, single rough, crunchy and easy to absorb. It is essential that the products / services offer you a sensible customer advantage in order to promote advertising, raise awareness and respond to responses. WARNING: – AIDA MODEL – DEFINITION, INTEREST, PERSONNEL AND ACTIVITY

According to the modern scenario, most companies outsource their advertising activities to an advertising / advertising agency that carries out a service business on designing, designing and managing advertising and sometimes also other promotional activities such as PR, advertising and sales. The advertising agency's departments are: – the creative department (who creates a real advertisement), the billing service (who is responsible for coordinating the creative team, the client, the media and the production staff), creative service production is the person who contacts the with various creative media suppliers), other department and staff. (like PRs). As David Ogilvy said, the relationship between a manufacturing and advertising agency is almost as intimate as the relationship between the patient and the doctor. Make sure you can happily work with your prospective client before accepting your account.

This is how I could conclude with Bruce Barton's famous words in 1955: "Advertising is the essence of democracy, every minute of every day of the business, through thousands of store and counter counters where customers indicate their preferences and determine which manufacturer and what product will be the leader today and lead tomorrow. "

Source by Rupal Jain

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