• Clarification of goals, values ​​and standards in line with the strategic direction of organizations
  • Creating links between organizational goals, values ​​and standards and responsibility of relevant groups and individuals
  • Ensuring media and language
  • Define clear expectations of internal groups and individuals and explain ways to strengthen their commitment to the organization
  • Provide Organization Expectations
  • Incidentally, investigate incidents and clearly report results to relevant groups and individuals


  • The Trust, Trust and Respect for Different Groups and Individuals with Positive Role Modeling and Effective Communication and Consultation
  • Improving Organizational and Workplace Culture, Resource and Effective Implementation
  • The Global Environment and understanding of new technologies in work
  • Ensure that activities provide flexibility and adaptability to change and accessibility
  • Ensure that consultations and decision-making take place with appropriate groups and individuals
  • both internal and external.
  • Ensure that decision-making takes place in accordance with all options and within appropriate timeframes in accordance with appropriate risk management plans
  • Győ Make sure your organization is positively represented in the media and the community [19659011] 4. BUILD & SUPPORT WORK TEAMS

    • Assign Responsibility and Responsibility to Your Teams, Competencies and Operational Plans
    • Ensure Resources for Teams
    • Creating and maintaining a positive working environment
    • Encouraging teams and individuals to develop innovative approaches to work performance
    • Empowering Teams and Individuals through Effective Delegation and Supporting Initiatives [19659011] 5th PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCES

      • Modeling Ethical Behavior in All Workings and Encouraging Others to Accept Business Ethics
      • Adapting Suitable Interpersonal and Leadership Styles to Meet the Specific Situations and Situations
      • Personal Perspectives and Work Progress Outcome Determining and Reaching [19659006] Make sure your independence and professional competence are steadily improving through engaging in professional development activities
      • Regularly participating in industry / professional networks and groups


      7. With Recommendations


      Whether it drives a country, a large organization or a little unmanned operation, it has no driving force or strategic direction.

      Many of our great leaders showed great leadership. Eisenhower made great statements in his time, but the following statement is what best means for me and the driving force of my leadership.

      Leadership: The Art of Making Anything What You Want

      Dwight D. Eisenhower

      This article provides answers to Leadership and Steps to Enable Individual Leadership. The article contains real decisions in a real organization, though the multitude of the tools used has not been taught formal education and will find that leadership is more a lifestyle but a simple process.

      Leadership has several processes that can be taught, though I think the real big executives build on experience is not education.

      Go for the people. Learn about them.

      Long live with them. Start with what you know. Build The Things That Have

      The best of the leaders when we do the job when the task is accomplished, people will say that we did it ourselves

      2. Lao Tzu

      19659003] Clarifying Goals, Values, and Standards according to the Organizational Orientation of Organizations

      By launching staff, we ensure that all our newcomers get our company's manual, which includes all of these three documents. The new team leader takes over the handbook with the worker and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback on each topic. This is because it creates instant binding and agreement between the worker and the first call point in the body.

      Each of my companies has a mission statement, a corporate confession, and a cultural statement that is in line with our strategic plan. I think that it is called "Shopping" that those with the desired values ​​have to make clear the strategic direction of the organization.

      I found that simply writing them was not enough to be "Buy-In". I felt that I could provide a basic structure and basis for these things, but I needed staff to describe them and trust them. We have reviewed our existing staff and created focus groups that ultimately developed statements that have become Mission, Creed, and Culture cultures.

      Organizational Goals, Values ​​and Standards, and Groups and Individuals One of my favorite statements is that "managers must manage their staff while staff also need to manage a manager". The leader does not have to get a title, its nature does not affect it. The driver is in spite of the title or the duties.

      We are talking about diversity in the workplace, though a real leader will understand that the world's diversity varies – best diversity policies must be changed over time, as not one organization met with any personality, value, or morals. The best leaders will understand that they have to be flexible if policy does not. Corporate leaders are encouraged to apply our mission, creed, and culture in situations where policies can be unclear and are a source of policy shortcomings.

      His own teams are encouraged to recognize the organization as an individual, and if they identify something that does not work, they do everything they can to resolve it, but not at the expense of their existing duties. If you put unnecessary pressure on them, you have to report their call to the person who handles it to the right person. We strive for congruence within the organization, and this can only be achieved by properly linking job descriptions, policies, empowerment, and leadership as an example.

      Make sure the media and the language used meet individuals and group circumstances

      I am in a fortunate position. I was in every organization. I have a number of rules: "I handle and talk to others as I want to deal with or talk," or better – "to sell someone else's idea of ​​how to buy it."

      I understand and remember the advantages and weaknesses of each role and provide intelligent support to all my colleagues, whether directly or indirectly. If you understand the positive elements you can drag and emulate to them when you understand the deficiencies, you can empathize and find a way to overcome them. Each group or individual was different, but it was found that the positive and the deficiency are usually general. Many hat wearers are very diverse people. It sets clear expectations for internal groups and individuals and explains in a way that strengthens the commitment to the organization.

      Aim, mission, and strategic congruence can only be gained if all employees keep the same goal in mind. It's important to be clear. My favorite workout is a backward plan. Keep the goal in mind and plan the steps towards the goal. It is important to document these steps and make a good timeline for each step. Each step must be flexible, but it must also be kept in time.

      I've determined in each focus group, social club, team or project group that a selected team leader is needed. Each withdrawal plan must be submitted to the team leader for review so as to ensure that the task is on target and that the strategy is adhered to. It is important that this is a short-term project or an employee's daily duty.

      Before the underdeveloped plan, each member of the group needs a clear and concise direction in the group or in the body. This should be documented and can be carried out according to the length of the project according to the job description of the group member / employee. If the underdeveloped plan refers to the main performance indicator for the day-to-day task, ie if a telemarketer plays the role of meeting appointments and the telemarketer does not make the desired number of calls in one day, the day can be divided into four different phases, on some sections – potentially between breaks. I have found that this seems to be more feasible and immediate satisfaction can be better motivated for others.

      I found good practice for detailing the purpose of the project, requiring individual items, and selecting an employee / group member. The project must be discussed both in the group forum and in each format for each employee. This can be done either by grouping or by one-off effective performance management.

      Defining the Body's Requirements

      In a perfect world, the organization and staff observe and follow these. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and different actions are needed in different situations. The best thing to do is to identify common denominators based on historical data and common sense and apply them in induction, continuous training, and corporate policy.

      It is often important for all concerned parties to deal with strategies and strategies. Sometimes this changes, but at times it is due to reinforcement. Like a fire extinguisher – all parties need to practice it for safety. If the policy was destroyed, the government would enforce mandatory policy testing.

      Common sense is that it is seldom common. As a leader over time, we need to understand politics and common sense. Decision-making is important and clarity is important when interpreting policies and guidelines. All drivers must be kept to a higher standard if they are expected to interpret the policy.

      Immediate examination of incidents and disclosure of results clearly to affected groups and individuals

      is vital if policy, strategic direction, company goals and / or missions are not respected in time and properly identified and handled. Depending on the severity of the infringement, it determines the best course of action

      It is equally important to take extra mileage into account for these things that receive the right recognition. Negative feedback should always be given privately, and Positive feedback should be done most publicly. Depending on the personality of the staff, they determine that recognition must be public or private, as certain personalities are somewhat embarrassed when they are publicly praised. This may cause bad behavior in the future from the fear that the employee may be embarrassed.

      Based on the type of policy and the type of offense, an official procedure can be initiated. We have found that, in the case of minor grievances, a general warning warning is required for offenses involving first written warnings. As a good leader, these policies are hurt. If we use a warning and not just the same thing for the same crime, we will not only distribute the organization to legal consequences but also potential moral issues. The same is true of positive reinforcement if one employee receives commitment to efforts or insistence on politics, another employee must have the same results formally or informally recognized by company policy. Trust, confidence and respect for different groups and individuals, positive role modeling and effective communication and consultation

      effective communication and consultation are all essential is an element in the ethical modification of groups and individuals.

      Trust is generally not required. Those trusting in trust will never get it completely or not offered up. Leadership often involves the willingness to do a job you are waiting for. If you can not, how can you expect another person to do it? Some employers believe that wages are sufficient to make the staff trust, it is important to have "dirty hands" involved.

      Due to cultural diversity, we need to understand the difference between ethics and morality. In short, ethics; involves what is right and wrong and to choose Morals; know what is correct and incorrect, and simply does what is right – there is no choice. Not all of us have the right morals and we can not identify 100% of the immoral person. As a leader we also model ourselves and teach ethics in the enjoyment and breathing of best practices in all situations

      We do not always look at things and interpret different events based on our experiences, their religious beliefs, their cultural beliefs and their upbringing (perhaps some of them). It is important to respect the different views in which we can not agree or disagree with them until they interfere with politics.

      The Arrangement of Culture

      Anthropology is a set of lifestyles built by a group of people and generating generations [19659034] is the time and not the individual, and so – we must seize resources and improvements by everyone. This can be done by consulting staff, performance, and morale.

      As a leader of the organization, we are responsible for identifying development areas and marking them in a democratic environment for our group or culture for others. Our social and economic lifestyle suggests that democracy generally involves a majority regulatory philosophy. Changing minorities is the key to good leadership. It's important to buy "Buy-In".

      In the past, it's a great way to talk in advance with some group members, usually with loud singers who probably disagree with everything and ask for their help in thinking about the idea. Fill in the group for the sake of others agree that it will be difficult for those on the fence to get "shopping".

      Demonstrate Global Environment and New Technology in Workplaces

      Prospects for career opportunities are important for all employees. Each employee brings new skills to the organization, and some have never been identified. Promoting ingenuity helps the skills that members of the team have not shown in the past.

      Technology Demand is Important As Every Organization Continues to Improve, Brings Competitive Advantage to New Technology and New Intelligence in an Organization

      It is wise to keep up the pace of developments and find that fixing is best suited to resource the people who work. As a leader, we must ensure that we are actively listening to our team as this team goes through the processes and is likely to identify the development areas. [19] Ensure that activities provide flexibility and adaptation to change and availability

      Every business activity must be based on "POLM" (plan, organization, management, management). All activities must be checked despite being in use. There is no place for stiffness in any process or body, unless it is legal.

      We encourage you to encourage the leadership of your leaders to continue developing their needs. Every policy must be flexible and adaptable, as changes are inevitable in every organization. When Policies and Procedures Outdated Organizations Do Not Meet Social Norms and Legal Requirements

      Equal Opportunities has changed over the last few decades. In today's business environment, in spite of age, gender, sexuality and previous experience, in some cases, social and legal necessities have been created to provide an opportunity for all capable people. If politics or leaders do not meet what is now acceptable – they consider it unacceptable. Each leader must be flexible and always keep the ultimate goal in mind and limit the individual's personal feelings.

      When identifying and communicating issues, I found that best leaders are already finding solutions. This is a typical demonstration of flexibility and forward thinking. Ensuring consultation and decision-making for specific groups and individuals, where appropriate, will be

      regardless of whether there are employees, middle managers or key stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. It is not always commercially viable or appropriate to involve all parties in the final decision, but depending on the extent to which the parties concerned are affected, all of them must be involved.

      This is usually done in our staff at staff forums, team meetings, one and confidential surveys. It is uncommon for all parties to agree with the decisions made, but it is important to maintain the level of consultation so that all parties can hear that decision-making takes into account both internal and internal expectations. External Groups

      Consideration and foresight are tools that help to avoid major mistakes in decision making. Running simulations based on historical or predicted data is the most appropriate way to identify any decision-making potential for future problems. Decision-making generally involves change, and sometimes it can not be historical data, which is very difficult to design potential scenarios.

      SWOT analysis generally provides an opportunity to identify obvious strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Once and for all, there are other unclear scenarios on paper and in front of you.

      Ensure that decision-making takes place in accordance with risk management plans for all options and within a reasonable time

      After you identify the threats with SWOT analysis, you can apply risk management to any set scenario. Only risk management can really be applied. It is vital for any implementation in which statistics, morale and performance can be observed.

      Before implementation, the timing and planned results must be decided. If the predictions are not met or a dramatic cultural change occurs, you must be prepared for a security plan to return to the previous method or to modify any changes that have occurred prior to implementation.

      Ensuring that the organization is well represented in the media and the community

      Social governance and acceptance are essential to a successful work environment. When workers do not work comfortably – they will not!

      It has to be a good reputation among many social networks, including, but not limited to, Job Networks and local geographic areas, as recruitment is important for every business.

      When communicating with the public, the message must be fair and integrity irrespective of whether you want to buy or sell a product or service


      Assign Responsibilities and Responsibilities to Teams That Meet Their Competences and Operational Plans

      The job description gives employees an indication of their role. Responsibilities are generally fairly wide, but good job descriptions also include training and procedural manuals that will define more detailed tasks.

      Goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) are typically the Key Result Area (KRA) and may change from month to month, depending on how they are measured. If a month is more than one business day, you usually have more expectations about the results.

      Responsibility should be consistent with the key tasks of a person or group's job description or function. The individual or group can not be held responsible for tasks for which they are not responsible, ie the receptionist can not be held responsible for bookbinding errors if it does not affect the bookkeeping.

      to enable them to reach their goals

      Providing team resources with a variety of different facets

      First, the tools needed to accomplish a task are required first. Compliant hardware, software, environment and supervision are required.

      Second, the distribution of staff. Staff should be appropriately allocated to complete their tasks within a reasonable time. Two staff can not complete the "ten crew project" in the same time frame.

      Third, the importance of training! Unless workers are properly trained to carry out their duties as expected, it is expected that they will not perform their duties in accordance with company policy.

      Empower Teams and Individuals Effectively Delegating and Supporting Their Initiatives

      Personal, business and cultural growth is created by empowering others through effective empowerment. As business grows, there is a need for personal growth among employees, as it often happens to be promoted to meet increasing administrative and supervisory needs.

      External purchasing is sometimes necessary, but where possible, better opportunity for an existing employee. Before this happens, it is wise to develop existing staff in current positions, but with additional tasks and decision-making capabilities.

      Through such initiatives, it is important to keep track of progress and support decisions by making poor coach decisions and recognizing and rewarding good decisions. Like all roles, the delegation comes with training and supervision when the task is successful. Creating and Maintaining a Positive Working Environment

      A positive working environment is based on consistency, visibility and clear goals as well as a friendly, productive culture. In the industry, we deal with the poorest on a daily basis. We have to go in the extra mile in the industry.

      There are often more "fun" days that can be a topic or a guest guest. It is important that the staff participate in the preparation or planning of such events. Leadership is consistently present in the work area, so colleagues see participation and become part of the bigger picture. This can not be underestimated, and if there is one such performance, this can certainly not be ignored.

      Encouraging teams and individuals to develop innovative approaches to work performance

      was able to see the front line from the perspective of our staff. The consulting and involvement of staff dealing with important changes and initiatives has really enabled our business. We have found a strategic goal that is in line with the frontlines with the directors and embraced the "shopping".

      We have found that through some changes made through consultation we have strengthened our relationship with our employees and continue to create new ideas every day.

      After faith and trust have been proven to the staff, the smallest acknowledgment of recognition is equally appreciated by the employee as any dollar-worth incentive. PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCES

      We model ethical behavior in all areas of work and encourage others to accept business ethics.

      I'm pursuing and pursuing an ethical organization in a very strict industry. We maintain high standards with our customers and competitors because of our ethics and problem-solving skills. We treat our clients honestly and with advice and our clients with honesty and respect

      When hard decisions are made, all those interested must take into account the emotional level or input.

      When a group member advices them best advice is not just what works for a business but also the best growth advice. Let's let the "penny drop" into my employees asking them to follow the identification of the solutions. It usually consists of breaking down their questions and analyzing what they want to know. Then I offer similar scenarios that ask them to apply the question to different scenarios. They usually find the answer themselves and can follow this process with other tasks. They are now empowered to make educated decisions.

      I work with my team to help you reach the goal. I definitely believe in the team's support, and it's no question that it's a stupid question, no matter how many times you have to ask. Apply appropriate Interpersonal and Leadership Styles to Meet Special Situations and Situations

      If there are any questions that I think are important to help, I believe we can really lead by example. It is not always wise to solve all problems for people because they never try to correct the problem for themselves. I've found teaching problem-solving techniques that enable problems and resources to resolve future problems. Simply solving the problems of employees proves that if a problem arises, you must come to solve it. This is not good driving.

      I wear a lot of hats today, one day I need a 17-year-old inexperienced person and a next 63-year-old person. Minden alkalmazott eltérő megközelítést vagy megoldást igényel. A módszerek általában ugyanazok, azonban a szállítása vagy a hivatkozások eltérhetnek abban az erőfeszítésben, hogy kapcsolatban álljanak a munkavállalójával. Időnként el kell adnunk a fogalmakat az alkalmazottaknak a "Buy-In" számára

      A személyes célok és a munkaprogram kimenetének meghatározása és elérése

      A legtöbb nagyszerű vezetővel az időgazdálkodás és a célok beállítása muszáj. Ha a feladatok egy csoportja egy időkereten belül befejeződik, amely általában egy feladatlistát dokumentál, megfelelő módszer a célok és a személyes célok elérésének biztosítására.

      Gyakran elővigyázatos az előnyök és a kötelezettségek azonosítása, amelyek a befejezése vagy hiánya feladatok elvégzése. Miután felismerte ezeket a dolgokat, megtalálja a meghajtót, hogy tegyen lépéseket a feladat ellenére.

      Fontos, hogy a célok és célok összhangban legyenek a szervezet stratégiai irányával és küldetési nyilatkozatával.

      Biztosítani kell, hogy az önállóság és a szakmai kompetencia folyamatosan javuljon a szakmai fejlesztési tevékenységekben való részvétel révén

      A továbbképzés és az oktatás fenntartása vezető szerepet játszik. Egy állandóan változó világban vagy környezetben továbbra is a vezetés forrása marad. A jelenlegi ismeretek nélkül nehéz hatékonyan vezetni. Meg kell változtatnunk a világgal vagy a környezettel, ahogyan változik.

      A legtöbb vezető törekszik és célozza magát a korábbi legjobb teljesítmény ellen. Ha megadja magának és csapatának egyértelmű mérési eszközöket, például a KPI-t és a KRA-t, könnyű mérni a teljesítményt. Minden szerepkörben lehet a KPI és a KRA, függetlenül attól, hogy Ön üzleti tulajdonosa, igazgatója, értékesítési vezetője vagy Frontline Worker.

      Vezérigazgatónak nemcsak azt szeretném, ha javítanám, hanem javítanám a csapatomat. Mindannyian részt veszünk a továbbképzésben, függetlenül attól, hogy belső képzés vagy külső képzés.

      Rendszeresen részt vesz az ipari / szakmai hálózatokban és csoportokban

      Számos lépés áll a személyes és üzleti fejlődéssel elérhető. A dokumentált oktatással kapcsolatos probléma az, hogy többnyire múlt idő. Ahhoz, hogy stratégiai, versenyelőnyt szerezzünk, új oktatást kell keresnünk. Az iparágak pedagógusok, de a "munkahelyi" oktatásban vannak.

      Fontos, hogy a dokumentált oktatás és az ipar által azonosított megoldások kombinációját használjuk. Az oktatás megfelelő elosztása fontos, és a szellemi tulajdon tekintetében továbbra is etikusnak kell lennie.

      A hálózatok az idő múlásával épülnek fel, és hosszú életen át erősítik erejüket. Fontos konzultálni a sikeres iparági vezetőkkel. Úgy találtam, hogy a sikeres emberekkel való körülvevők sikereket vonzanak.

      6. Conclusion

      Leadership consists of a number of trained applications along with an internal makeup of attributes.

      Running any business, organisation or completing any multi-person tasks requires an individual to take control and delegate responsibility and accountability to group members. I have identified that allowing our environment to take control leaves any outcome as a possibility. If one truly wants to set a goal and have a desired outcome we must take lead and challenge the environment.

      Decision making can only be done by a leader as a follower needs a decision to follow. Any decision, good or bad is better than no decision.

      Great Leaders are flexible individuals who will consider many avenues prior to making decisions. They are consultative and open to others influence. They are not content unless moving forward toward a goal.

      As a leader we must communicate our organization's mission and goals to our workforce. Without understanding and clarity the mission cannot be followed with integrity. In the interest of best practice and reputation we must continually question our ethics and ensure that the right message is delivered through our mission and goals.

      When building teams there must always be support mechanisms in place to allow communication to flow freely. Most missions refer to industry leadership and providing good service. Without good communication and support mechanisms we cannot ensure that each individual understands and adheres to our mission and goals.

      7. Recommendations

      We must always demonstrate our leadership by walking the walk. I have found that you manifest what you focus on and a great leader should be focused on the goal. To gain true organizational goal congruence each staff member or colleague must look up to and be inspired by their leaders and their mission as this is the essence of leadership and a certainty for success.

      Involve your employees in business decisions, hand over small responsibilities and show them what it means to be a leader. Don't allow your environment to control you, take action and lead the way. If you don't have a mentor or someone who inspires you attend seminars of industry leaders. Learn about people and behavioral science, once you know what makes people tick then you can make them tick too.

      By Ben Blanch

      Source by Ben Blanch

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