Some aspects of Thailand need to be aware of your business success in the country. Cultural shocks cover everyone, including business people, but the right preparation needs to specify what to expect. Business in Thailand can be very fascinating, but at the same time it could be annoying.

Learn About Business Culture

Most of Thailand wants to see their nation is fully developed and wants to learn Western technology and practices. In some respects, however, Thailand may be very stubborn and unwilling to change their lives and remembers that they are on their land. For example, most companies only work half a day on a Saturday, and it is generally not advisable to hold a business meeting on Saturdays.


Business in Thailand requires you to respect those who need to work together. Thailand usually works with people who are respected and can take time to develop healthy business relationships with you. In Thailand, man's rank is vital and in some cases it is based on age. When preparing a business meeting, be sure to send the list of participants and their credentials. In addition, when we are in contact with a social group, it is important to respect the eldest members of the group.


It is important that we meet in time, even if we are not sure of the accuracy of those who will be present. Although Thai's accuracy is a personal feature, it means respecting the person you meet and will receive more respect if we are timely regardless of the other's sense of accuracy. It is important that the agenda of the meeting is sent in English and in Thai before the meeting, and then give us enough time to prepare. Ideally, an appointment should be prepared a month earlier.

Encounter etiquette

When you meet, remember to be patient and you will stand until you ask. Men's and women's suits must be conservative, especially because the thaifs judge their clothes and their accessories. If you have a business postcard for dissemination, make sure that it starts with the highest ranking person after the first greeting or handshake. Replacing a business card is generally considered an opening ceremony when you are engaged in business in Thailand and other Asian countries. It is also advisable to have one side of the business card in the Thai language.

Communicating Effectively

Always remember politely and respectfully and note that verbal and formal communication is generally more important than oral communication. For example, since Thais make it difficult to refuse applications, it is important to listen to non-verbal communication. If you feel hesitant, it is advisable to revoke the request. Take care of your own body language when you communicate with Thais because it is more believable than your words. When you are doing business in Thailand, your willingness to learn and adapt to the new culture will ensure success.

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