No matter where you are in life or what business you run, everyone uses and sends a letter as a communication tool. They may be sent via e-mail, text message or postal service, but irrespective of the method chosen, the letter is always a form of communication that never goes out of style.

is a communication method, it is within the scope of the letter to touch the heart of the reader or to leave the numbers cold. In fact, a well-written letter opens the doors, invites new business or gives a hearty apology. By contrast, a badly written letter may be blocked before the reader will ever reach the second sentence.

Whether you're preparing an introductory letter about your business, a cover letter like a cover letter for the resume, a sales letter selling your services, a colleague's reference number, an important charity fundraiser, a complainant letter when you were dissatisfied or a letter of appreciation given someone the deserved praise, the letter is one of the most important communication elements you ever write. Regardless of the subject, a letter gives you the opportunity to listen.

So what good letter is such a huge difference? Simply put, when your letter is written effectively, which means that it is built in a polished, perfect message, you have the opportunity to have an effect. Recently, for example, one of my clients was preparing for a promotion and asked for a letter of thanks from a potential employer. Everyone knows how important it is to send a greeting card after an interview, but the good presentation of the greeting card means that they get the job or shot. In this case my client got the promotion! Another example of good letter writing was when one of my clients had a problem with the government agency. Getting the attention of an official in the government office can be quite scary, but after receiving a great letter, he received an answer and an invitation to an appointment.

If you have something important to say, then extra effort may be the difference. One of the most important tips for good writing is writing in a conversational style. It's not enough just to write the letter and check the spelling mistakes. It is important that the letter be read aloud to you, or even someone else, just to make sure that it is effectively transmitting the message. One more official letter has to say as if it were directly to the person. In other words, you need to hear the letter, read the letter, and review the font in various settings. In fact, it's amazing how different the sound is when you read it out loud or yourself. It's a good idea to write a letter and sleep the next day.

As a professional writer, thousands of clients have been helped by creating exceptional mail, but I never send the finished product until I feel satisfied that the letter sounds perfect to my ears. Believe me when I say spending time on letter refinement, you'll probably enjoy more. And if you are insecure about your writing skills or if you are too close to the subject, you can always choose a writer who loves the letters.

Source by Charlene Rashkow

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