As a newly graduated college graduate, copying sales career is probably not what you dreamed of when you spent all night on all the dreaded final exams. As a seven-year experience as an account management and sales executive at two different photocopying sales organizations, I was often surprised that the clever choice in this area was revealed to me and many of my colleagues. Before you get to eleven jobs on online workbooks, consider why you want to pursue your career as a copier sales representative:

1. Many new graduates and career coaches choose their career in copier sales exclusively with available world-class workout. We usually send a new post to two-week classroom training followed by on-site training with your sales manager and sales representatives. This is an invaluable workout that is FREE.

2nd Knowledge gained as a successful rapporteur for the sale of copiers can open up more profitable opportunities for pharmaceuticals, software, medical devices and financial services sales, only a few of them can be mentioned

. A representative representing 100% of the annual sales quota pays an average of 60,000 to 80,000 dollars annually on base wages, commissions and bonuses. It is not uncommon for the best artist to exceed $ 100,000 + on earnings.

4th Depending on your individual sales manager, you can enjoy high degree of autonomy and working ability.

5th If you are a business owner, this is the job for you! Your domain is like holding your own business and the goal is to maximize revenue within the designated limits. The skills you can learn to do this are great preparations to own your own business one day.

6th If you want to raise, you will sell more copiers. There is nothing like paying performance. Then you will never be able to withstand payment where someone else limits your earning capacity.

7th Most companies offer the benefits, promotions and sales incentives for the highest level of performers. Personally, the two part-time contributions were the best part of my job. You and a guest can enjoy all the amenities of a five-star resort in locations such as the Bahamas, England, Cancun, Scotland or Hawaii. This is a great way to travel to the world free of charge

8. Every business needs a copy device. However, depending on the assignment, you will not spend the whole day talking to only the dentists. You may encounter the Office Manager in the morning at a security company, at lunchtime with a garment manufacturer's IT manager and afternoon with an entertainment company CFO. You can access more than one industry and a functional area of ​​a company. Not only does this make the job more satisfying, but also an excellent way of networking between different professionals. Who knows what your networking activities can do in the future?

ninth Like many people who have gone before you can really enjoy the copying industry and want to pursue a long-term career in the industry. Given the extraordinary sales performance, it is likely to be more and more accountable and rewarded. The career path has a fork on the road where you need to decide whether you want to continue with Account Management or Sales Management.

The candidate who enjoys the sales process and a bit of a loner ranger usually prefer to work bigger and better accounts than a prime account rep or a national account rep. Sometimes they associate a repetition with a vertical market, such as law firms, where they only specialize in selling the legal vertical market. In the other direction go to Sales Management.

It can be encouraged to manage six to eight repetitive teams and, after extraordinarily consistent performance, control their own market from drawer accounts and run 100-200 sales and service management staff. The most ambitious branch managers are watching the ultimate Vice President in the corner office. The reality is that if you want to step on a corporate ladder, at some point you have to prove that things can be done efficiently by other people. This is best achieved through the Sales Manager role.

Source by Kristen R. Stez

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