Did you ever notice that most posts require "excellent communication skills" for applicants? In most cases, this requirement is often preceded even before school education. Human resources staff knew that applicants had more or less the same technical skills as education know-how, but the winning factor had the best communication skills

Communication is simply essential in everything, family life, school, friends and any other relationship. Our conversation with our children, parents, friends, and family members proves or interrupts or eliminates existing relationships. Good communication skills, arguments and fighting are less likely among people.

Businesses communicate well in everyday communication as well. Top management communication allows you to subordinate your plans to the company. Different communication channels are used at the workplace. Traditional such as phone calls, emails, notes, and reminders; to novel forms such as social media like Twitter or Facebook, where you can communicate effectively through various channels through policies, reports, suggestions and grievances throughout the company.

Businesses should also learn the art of communication when interacting with customers. Sales team and customer service representatives are often the first to talk to the customer and represent the entire company. Talking with the customer also reflects how the company manages its customers.

People are taught very early to talk and express themselves. However, in society it is proven that communication problems are effective and often cause enormous and complicated problems. If we think about it, they learn to read and write the language, but listening and talking is something that is not officially taught in school. This naturally comes. Rather, the proper speech and listening are taught only in the social circles in which we participate as our family and friends.

Communication has many aspects. To communicate effectively, we need to understand what is going on in the communication process and what are things that make communication effective or ineffective.

Communication skills are not just listening and speaking skills. The way our body responds to someone, the gestures when we react, are our facial expressions and our tone. When we are fully committed to actively listen to the person you are talking about, we are able to react appropriately and accordingly, and we will better understand what the message is. This is effective listening.

Most people are crazy about multitasking. However, multi-tasking alone can damage good communication. For example, if you are talking on the phone and are responding to an email at the same time, your attention is divided between the person who converses and the email that he creates. This is a form of ineffective communication when it is not completely absorbed in the conversation. Its tendency is to give you the information to get into one ear and the other. Much time has passed away from this kind of conversation. You spend more time back and forth without having to understand a lot of things you've called; so the conversation does not end. Instead of doing more tasks in shorter time, doing simple tasks will take longer than the lack of focus.

The ability to listen and talk is something you still learn as a child. But active listening and the ability to speak effectively are skills that you will gain later on. You also learn that communication skills are one of your most important skills you can use in every aspect of your life.

Source by Mike J Watts

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