Communication plays a very important role in an organization. In fact, it is said to be the life of the body. Nothing in the universe, human or other that does not communicate; although communication tools can be very different. Communication is very important and inevitable, as we have the intention we want to give to another person, group, or even the outside world.

Communication in an organization is inevitable. Departments from time to time communicate with daily activities and the organization's relationship with the outside world. He writes what he writes in a written and unwritten way, whether planned or improvised. It may be hierarchical, that is, from top to bottom or vice versa. Formal or informal; vertical, horizontal or diagonal. With regard to any device, mode, or communication type, it is the communication that is made.

However, communication knowledge is understandable and thus feedback, misunderstanding or failure, and thus communication decay. Indeed communication within the organization can be vine or gossip. Overall, communication in the organization is very complex and should be properly managed and supervised in order to avoid chaos, crisis or conflict.

The basic functions and roles of management can not be accomplished without communication. Planning, organization, coordination, budgeting, control, inspection, staffing, delegation; marketing, production, finance, staff (human resource management), research and development, procurement, sales, etc. could not be properly coordinated, exploited and achieved without communication

urgent meeting, etc., communication plays a key role. The efficiency of the organization also depends on the success of the meetings when the objectives to be achieved, the objectives set and the activities to be performed are cut off and discussed. If ideas are not well understood at the meeting, make sure workers get confused. Therefore, the Chairperson of the meeting should be an effective speaker or a communicator that can ensure that everyone gets the right things to do.

This helps remove rumors and grapes and helps you achieve the specified standards, goals, and / or goals.

Consequently, every organization needs good communication skills, not just the boss, but also the subordinates. All of us (workers) must strive to achieve the stated goals. Remove communication in an organization, we will go dead, do nothing, and stop it. Communication is the backbone of the body's success.

Source by Oluwanisola Seun

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