More and more people talk about the importance of personal branding, both in career search and career development. Effective personal branding not only increases the crowd around employers and recruiters, but can also increase work safety by communicating its value as a leader and team player with your organization.

What is personal branding? branding is the process that identifies the unique and differentiating value that it brings to your organization, team, and / or project and communicates in a professionally memorable and consistent way in all its activities, online and offline, for all present and future stakeholders [19659002] The Lighthouse's Personal Branding Model

The Lighthouse is a great model for the branding process for four main steps: the Foundation, the Transmitter, the Tower and the Beam

Foundation: [19659003] Your foundation is the unimaginable strength and experience. To identify your own basics, write the strengths that differentiate you from others and ask your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same for you. Determine the first three to five overlapping strengths that support the desired career orientation.


The transmitter's memorable and consistent communication of strengths and experience. Now that you have identified your foundation, it's time to set up the light by finding a word or phrase that represents these strengths and can become a brand. Create a short track to follow the brand, detailing your strengths. Make sure the word or phrase is versatile and change the direction.


Simply put, the tower has visibility, access and presentation, online and offline, which support the light. It really does its best to proactively build your personal brand. The higher you build your tower with your efforts, the more you become visible to our potential career partners. Here are some ways to proactively build your brand and credibility to your target audience:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile and follow the steps recommended to complete the profile 100%, taking care of the summary sections
  • Create Google Account and Profile for Better Search Engine Optimization
  • Includes your personal brand on your resume, cover letter, business cards, email signatures, voicemail and other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook
  • A Personal Website / Blog page where you can store all your data, including experience, education, skills, honors, entrepreneurial efforts, and more. within your industry / interest
  • Contribute to your value in your book or product review, tweets, comments in other blog posts, blog posts, or articles on postings, LinkedIn conversations, and on LinkedIn Answers or other forums .
  • Creating a full or side business with relevant and valuable products / services / resources for the industry.
  • Publishing and Printing and / or Electronic Publications.
  • A quote from the HARO (Help Reporter Out) and expert sources and journalists on advice, experience and insights in the media.


Light is radial and more active personal branding and career search strategy. This means gaining and projecting a strong understanding of where you want to go, what you want to continue and how you will continue. First, you need to determine which functional area, geography, and industry / business you want to target. Then you must activate your brand with potential career partners. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Join industry associations or network groups and take part in events to meet new relationships and build the target network. Be sure to share your personal brand with these new relationships
  • Keep informational interviews with target network contacts (whether you are looking for work or not) and share your personal brand with them at the time of introducing.
  • Finding ways to contribute to industry-specific projects or events
  • Recommended to LinkedIn and Show Customers, Clients, and Partner Recommendations

Personal Application

I used this model to help develop my own personal brand during my MBA career search. After finding my foundation, I was looking for a word to create such a memorable message of infinite energy, creativity, networking and endless energy of problem solving. The light signal I selected was "generator" as I generated energy, creativity, relationships and problem solving. I've been driving career in marketing and brand management, so I've become a brand and marketing generator. Proactively, I've built my torque by incorporating my brand directly into my online profile, my resume, and my entrepreneurial efforts. Then I applied a more active approach, targeting the "beam" of my own personal brand in interviews, network deployments, and information interviews. This process helped me to succeed in my current work, and this model continues to assist all professional and entrepreneurial businesses.

As you create, build and develop your personal brand, the lighthouse as a visual model and guide to personal branding success.

Source by Chris A. Perry

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