The proportion of the elderly is 12.9% in comparison to the United States' total population, according to data on the elderly. In addition, by 2030, the percentage will rise to 19%. It is the most appropriate way for this section of the population to remain in contact with them while helping them stay safe and independent. The advancement of technology has led to the development of a number of unique communication systems that allow older people to contact their loved ones at any time. These are two-way radios.

Nowadays, more and more elderly people like to retire in the luxury and security of their own home, not for the elderly home or the elderly's home. By renovating existing homes, it enables the most modern communication systems that facilitate communication with the outside world and other services specifically designed for the elderly or poorly designed services. Bi-directional radios are a popular communication product that allows the elderly to stay connected with their carers and loved ones, whether they spend time in the garden, rest in the living room, or play golf with bi-directional radios to provide safety and the soul . Two-way radios have special features that can be useful in these tasks.

In the elderly age, their physical condition deteriorates and many vital organs can not function at full capacity. Lack of vision, weak muscles and fast immobilisation are some common problems that can prevent the elderly's daily activity and free movement. This is prone to accidents and illnesses that need to be alerted in time. Speed ​​is the essence of life and death. Although the caretaker is able to pay full attention to the elderly, the latter do not want to lose their independence. The best way to care for the elderly, while allowing them to be independent, using an effective two-way communication system, such as radios. This ensures that both parties can contact each other at any time. The caregiver may even perform routine tasks without worrying about the elder if he knows that there is an effective two-way communication system between them. The use and purchase of two-way radios for the elderly

Career time is usually spent on the basic needs of the elderly and can simplify this task by using two-way radios as an effective communication channel. Pressing a button simply allows you to communicate with your loved ones while doing other household tasks. Can we ask why we can not use mobile phones? One of the most important advantages of bi-directional radio on mobile phones is that you do not have to rely on any mobile network and communication is immediate.

Based on the concept of radio frequencies that are always present in the air, bi-directional radios operate almost anywhere. This means that the elderly are sent to them wherever they are, with the expectation that they can contact anyone in an emergency or even a simple message. Elderly people often want to do different activities, such as gardening, walking, visiting the library, or pursuing hobbies. The presence of bi-directional radio encourages them to freely undertake these activities without worrying about how to contact their nurse in times of need. Fast communication in case of accidents and accidents is very important.

Two-way radios have a built-in transmitter, antenna and speaker. These radios come with an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged to the sockets or readily available standard replaceable batteries on the market. You can choose which one is more comfortable. These radios use two frequencies:

  • Family Radio Service – In this case, transmission can extend up to two miles. Furthermore, there is no need for authorization and very low usage costs
  • General mobile radio service – Such two-way radios are designed for long-term communication. However, you must request a license to use this service.

Advantages of Two Way Radios for the Elderly

Two Advantages of Two Way Radio:

  • These radios are very strong and work even when they fall, fall under the influence of rain, dust or sand and operate at extreme temperatures
  • These are very easy to use and just the button to talk
  • hand-held models can easily be attached to your belts or other accessories, leaving you free to carry out other tasks you have handled.
  • Can be used anywhere to always carry the device with you
  • Not expensive. You can communicate at very low cost without relying on any type of mobile phone service. You do not have to pay monthly fees, roaming fees or various monthly plans.
  • Some bi-directional radios periodically alert you to weather conditions and warn you of any dangerous weather.
  • As handheld devices or wireless base station intercoms
  • The bi-directional feature of radios allows caregivers to regularly monitor the welfare of the elderly. This is very useful because the elderly, who often have hearing problems, may not hear their voice from the other room.
  • These radios also have built-in functions such as a LED torch and an LCD display
  • for short and long-range communication depending on the type of the selected type.
  • Some models can easily sink into the water. half an hour without any damage, so elders can wear these radios when swimming or swimming
  • These two-way radios are ideal for people with mobility impairments as well.

In addition to household use, bi-directional radio systems are also very useful in nursing homes. Here too, the focus is on monitoring elderly people in a timely manner, and this can be done through instant communication.

There are many types of bi-directional radio models available in the market, many of which offer a variety of unique features. When selecting a two-way radio system, study the various functions and their usefulness to care for the elderly. Choose one that your home's elderly people can easily carry and operate. Before purchasing the system, check the Ingress Protection or IP rating. IP certification means that the bi-directional radio is resistant to foreign objects and moisture. Find a radio that has easy-to-retain, portable and well-visible buttons. These two-way radios are available with a variety of price tags ranging from $ 50 to hundreds of dollars

. After you purchase the system, you must take certain precautions to work effectively – ·

  • First check that the antenna is properly fixed and functioning.
  • Always make sure that the battery is fully charged. This ensures that communication is clear. ·
  • Check the signal quality from time to time to ensure that the bi-directional radio is working properly. Signals must be loud and clear for effective communication. This is even more important because older people can not speak loudly.
  • Always finish the messages "over" when the final message is sent. This flag indicates that your message will be complete and resume your work. ·
  • Education for the elderly to use the bi-directional radio system for communication

Elderly care can be provided through taxon, simplified both mentally and physically, but bi-directional radio communication systems.

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