Too quick conversation is one of the most common behaviors that reduce vocabulary. Studies show that people who talk too fast seem too crowded and organized and do not consider themselves competent or polished. Speech levels outside the speech block the quality of your message as students are forced to work to understand them better. In addition, the pronunciation error is more likely to occur because the speech editors collide with each other as they try to create voices. Speech speed and melody (ie intonation) are the two key factors influencing the individual's spoken language. If the speed of the conversation is too fast, then the solution should be addressed when the goal is plain and clear speech.

Communication Problems with Fast Communication Problems

You feel nervous and less confident.

He seems to be disorganized and poorly prepared.

It's hard to take care of your thoughts and ideas while talking.

You are more likely to use "loader" words such as "umm like, you know the quality of the message

Checking your speech memo is lost and replaced with a staccato, dashed or monotone rhythm.

It is very likely that you misunderstand the words or erase special voices and syllables that endanger the fierce articulation and dikikust

It creates unlucky communication decay, because when the speech is too fast and loud the student's mind tones up. Tired of having to listen to unpleasant speech patterns, this is the way to bad communication, lost opportunities, or loss of credibility.

When the speed of the conversation is too fast, students have to deal with the processing of information and often have to fill the gaps when information is missing, increasing the likelihood of communication breakdown. It is a disadvantage when it comes to providing valuable information, negotiating, or attempting to convince it in the business world. In order to be reliable, competent and well-spoken, speaking is critical.

We can learn how to control the fast speech level with the strategies. After finding the strategy you want, practice it with your drill, talk pattern, and speech box to transform this important skill into custom. You must be effective with the strategies you select and set yourself up to make these skills successful at the conversation level. It's simply not enough to say, "Well, I slow down." Have not you tried it yet? To be successful in speed and intonation, you need to remind yourself to use a strategy that works best and you can practice it for at least three weeks to feel natural.

Strategic Teaching of Verified Speech Models [19659002] 1. Speak with Intonation, Particularly with a Stairway Approach

Learning intonation and rhythm of speech also complements the speed because it speaks with patterns and phrases with controlled pitch. Speech editors will also be in a better position to follow and tell their voices. When you use the stair approach to intonation while practicing a strategy that is presented below for speed, your overall vote and articulation will be clear, professional, and even noticeable.

2nd Touch your articulator Touch [19659002] Control your speech because you feel that your artisans are interacting with each other. The artisans of the lips, teeth, tongue, jaw, and arcizm. When talking, it feels the lips and jaw move as they touch it, as well as the tongue comes into contact with the teeth and the jaw. The purpose of this strategy is to feel and notice the tactile sensation from his mouth while speaking. If you do not feel the tactile sensation in your mouth between your articulator during a conversation, you are talking too fast. Take a moment to feel the connection in the mouth from the various articulators. Using this strategy will greatly help you reduce your speed. In order to prove your perception, you can count on one to four, and feel that your articulators are doing it.

One of your lips twitched and touched each other.

Two Your tongue touched your upper teeth.

Three Between the Tip of the Language Between His Teeth

Four The Tooth Touched Its Bottom Lips

The goal is to notice the palpable feedback or feeling you feel about the tape tapers. If you are aware of this feeling during the conversation, your rate will slow down automatically. The feeling of articulating tactics is a good internal strategy to slow down your speed. Give a chance for this strategy.

3rd Say every word in every word as you travel to Staricase

When you talk, concentrate on every word of every sound. Think about all your voices, especially at the end of words, you say. You must say every word in multi-syllable words. Give yourself "all the voice in all their words" as "mantras," as motivating yourselves for this strategy. If you use this technique, you are more aware of your articulators (ie, lips, tongue, and jaw) that move at controlled speeds and are not connected to each other during the connected speech. This strategy helps you slow down your speed while improving your overall articulation.

4th Extend your Vowels

There are many loudspeakers who are quick to slow the "long" vowels short. You want to quickly get the message so you can get away from the longer tones. American and professional speech has a long and short vocal voice that needs to be formulated correctly to avoid the audacity of the audience. Be sure to keep the vowel sounds, especially the long ones, for the proper length of time.

5th Paste your share with another speaker

Be aware of the way others talk and identify other fast speakers. Then find people who are comfortable and comfortable talking. When you can quickly identify fast talkers and people who have a pleasant share, they will significantly improve their own speech behaviors. Think about their family members, their colleagues, and friends, and identify those who talk fast and who do not. Write down three quick speakers and regulated speakers in the speech box to improve your own awareness

If you have the opportunity to talk to someone, you can feel a good speech model, conversation. You feel too slow to speak. You do not! Remember, you're the fast talking and slow down. If this new strategy seems funny or embarrassing then you probably are doing it right.

Very Important Speech: While speaking in speech strategies, you feel you are talking too slowly and it sounds weird. Do not worry, you are not. Keep in mind that the style of conversation is too fast. If this new speed and style looks strange, you're doing it right. First it may be odd because it is a new behavior. His old behavior was too confusing speech and professional image. Continue to exercise and feel natural. When you practice your talking note book and Speech Triggers, speech level is another ability to improve communication skills.

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