It is recognized that the use of information technology in our everyday life has changed dramatically in recent years. Information technology is in all aspects of life, such as education, communication, business, commerce, treatment and banking. Businesses invest heavily in new technological trends and provide businesses with the ability to use information technology more effectively [19659002] Let's look at the way we communicate, because it has definitely changed our everyday life. We communicated in writing many years ago, but we are now communicating through an information network such as the phone, mobile phone, the Internet, etc. The IT application has changed significantly since we can now communicate via text messaging, email and instant messaging via MSN messenger, Facebook, or Twitter Tweets. So it has significantly altered the world's communication over time.

IT has changed significantly over the years, especially in the field of computing. Nowadays, more or less each household has an iPod or a computer or some Apple product. We know there are cloud computing as well as virtual servers. It's a long day when you need your own server to run things. You can now engage in online outsourcing. You can work west on the west and earn large sums of dollars

Added a new dimension to education. We can get any kind of information at home when we need it. Famous books of the world are available and easily accessible via the Internet. We receive new and new information on a daily basis through information technology. Information technology is currently under E-banking. We do our banking activities on-line. At present, IT has had a tremendous impact on treatment.

Information technology in the modern world has evolved so much that you can enjoy it everywhere. Think about cars with built-in satellite navigation, think about climate control and think about digital displays in your vehicle. All this is possible through information technology.

It has changed the way we buy things. Days have long persisted for the need for a cash machine or ATM to buy cash and buy everything with cash. Now you can buy a PDQ machine / Chip and Pin machine or credit card. It made our life very easy.

IT has introduced the Internet system and opened a new era in e-commerce. E-commerce is the online shopping and selling system. With the extremely busy lifestyle and the lack of time, e-commerce has changed the way it is bought. It has changed so much that businesses are investing forever in online stores for online strategies in search engine optimization and search marketing strategies.

As you can see, the use of information technology in our daily lives has definitely changed our lives in our lives. The days we have only faced face to face are long. We have to be long days of the days we need to invest in our servers. The use of information technology has definitely changed communication, commerce, business, education, and lifestyle.

Source by Md Azizul Haque

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