An Effective Business Letter Writing is an Art. This is a acquired skill and depends on constant practice. Normal practice leads to style and brings a natural expression. Characteristics of Effective Business Letters:

Scientific Expression

Scientific term means what is directly and in short. Good composition is essential for business correspondence. To this end, you must clearly write a letter. The clarity of the letters is especially important because many people have many letters and can not waste their time trying to understand the meaning of the composition. A letter written in a simple language immediately conveys the report to the reader.

Spirituality is the soul of the mind. So you want to communicate whatever you want to do is to do this in a short and powerful language. A short and concise letter contains only relevant information. It can not be overweight with irrelevant and unnecessary details. Use the shortest possible words, but the composition should not be sudden and vague. In the busy world of trade and commerce people do not have much time in the midst of feverish activities. So an oral and circumscribing letter irritates the reader, not the mood.

Accuracy is important in a business letter; whatever it says in a letter must be accurate. The facts you have mentioned must be true and true. The writer must use the appropriate style and correct format. The rules of grammar and style must be respected. Proper phrasing of sentences and punctuation marks are essential in a business letter.

Letter should be a paragraph difference in a letter. Each separate point must be specified in a separate paragraph. For a new paragraph, both the style, the "intended" or the "block" position are right. Some in the left margin begin paragraphs without leaving space (retraction), and some people think it is appropriate to leave a small space on the left.

Scientific opinion is a systematic and orderly way of doing things. So a letter must be formulated according to the standards discussed above to achieve efficiency in communication.

Association of Ideas

The ideas and facts mentioned in the letter have to be linked. It should be designed so that the reader can easily understand. The writer has to deal with the different facts individually. You have to make a diagram in your mind and work on it. Written coherence is interesting and positively influences the reader. Therefore joining the idea of ​​connecting ideas is a positive point in good business communication.

Polite and Optimism

Policies and optimism are the passwords in the business world. Business correspondence must be conducted in a polite tone. It does not only pay for a rich dividend. Polite wins sympathy, respect, and mutual understanding. Everyone welcomes the titles very well, so care must be taken. "Please", "appreciate", "thank you", "sorry", "know" and so on. Some words that communicate courtesy or courtesy and cause the reader to respond similarly to the writer.

Source by Amna Tariq Shah

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