Definition of the frame is a set of emotions and desires you can communicate with another person at any time to the table. It is now interesting to frame control that when two or more people interact, the frame of one person will overcome the other person's frame and this person usually gets to it. Example : Think of the meeting room, there is a judge, two lawyers and one jury group. Both lawyers have their own desires and feelings, the lawyer whose frame is admitted by the jury wins the case. Technique : Limiting the Frame.

This is a technique that you are likely to use in different situations, but the best examples are relevant to business situations.

If you are in a business world, you experience someone with a powerful self because of the power framework. This is the person who has become accustomed to the way people are willing to have their desires, this is the person who wants to do anything whatever the devils, irrespective of the information or the impact they have on others. Energy management types do not usually realize what others think. Their ego is rooted in their status. These are usually people who have great titles or privileges.

When communicating or negotiating with an amplifier frame, they often hear the first few seconds they want to say, and then decide what they will do. Inevitably in business and life we ​​have to deal with people coming from such egos, which has led to a power framework. However, the good news is that they can be vulnerable to the power busting frame because they do not expect it. They are waiting for your difference and obedience. With this technique you will surprise them:

Use a slightly shocking, but not unfriendly action to draw the performance frame. Do or say something that is somewhat angry, but at the same time humorous.

If at the same time strange and funny, a power-line personality is pleasantly challenged and instinctively knows that they are in a professional presence.

Example : Suppose you are a sales person and there is a performance point increase in the courtroom. While you are in the middle of your career, you will find that one of the key decision-makers in the business object to the transaction.

Because you're a real salesman who says " Hey Chris, this is a big question, I really want to finish this show because I think if you get a full picture of what I'm suggesting, it will make sense for you

A few minutes later he notices that Chris plays on a blackberry and does not take into account his presentation. Anyone who is busy selling or negotiating knows this situation now says, "Chris Chris, I just hate to use my Jedi power to take your nerds until I finish the stunning This line does a few things:

It's a little shocking because you called Chris he was not listening.

You're funny you have Jedi power.

Positive and body language and joking about the show are amazing, you connect with yourself and Chris.

So, if you meet the power framework, it's a bit appalling or denying what they want from you, but it's funny and friendly and gets the status check.

Source by Jonathan Roseland

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