How many times have you heard someone talking about successful business strategies or "strategic approaches"? What do you think is the word strategy used? Most often, people used to try to convey the fact that they gave the theme a little more thought than usual, they looked a bit ahead of the normal. When using a consultant, you must be very careful. Strategy is more than a mere idea or tactic. How much would you pay for consultants who "kicked some ideas" or "put in tactics that they think can work". It depends on how good it is. But when they return to "strategic business advice," they are very good and of course they are very expensive.

Why is it expensive? Because I hope that a counselor or colleague would use some intellectually strong framework to look at their assumptions and develop a number of solutions that are severely evaluated before they make their strategic recommendation. It requires time and expertise, and both are expensive. Suppose you did all this – does it make strategic business advice and does not tactical advice?

Not in the dictionary. The strategy dictionary definition is very clear and military. The strategy is called "art of war" – so-called "art of war" by force the conditions of the fighting (time and place) chosen by the enemy. "If we accept that the business is actually a war, then it will develop successful business strategies because we are defining success by defeating the competition – there is no reason why we should not use the word overused, this definition of strategy for business strategy, always requires the design and testing of the assumptions that have already been discussed.Every strong intellectual and very honest framework will certainly help in developing and evaluating the possibilities, even the lazy use of speech strategy – thinking and thinking would give a little more – is defined by the military, dictionary definition, but there is an extra dimension for the real strategy that requires you to do this, and develop something that changes the rules in your heart – in other words it requires creativity. And there is another aspect of this more demanding strategic thinking. This is about people and their behavior. In order to "install teams" and to change the rules, you need to understand how people are appearing. If creative behavior changes, you understand how these behaviors were first developed and how to change them if you want a successful business strategy.

Before you start the dictionary (defining the above strategy in the Oxford English Dictionary) just move forward to tactics. You will find that the definition is exactly the same as adding a strategy. The tactic involves a very important stage of implementation, the practical implementation of the strategy. So it turns out that far the tactics are less serious and valuable than the strategy is actually the most valuable thing for all. A successful strategic plan involves, even demands, tactics.

The use and excessive use of business strategy is too common for people who do not really understand what they are talking about. This, of course, does not mean we should give us a little more thought or thought for a little longer. You need a thorough and honest assessment of your assumptions and your options. Because of the danger of melodramatic thinking of military strategy, people are spending their lives. In business you only waste time and money. Strategic thinkers are naturally using a framework based on their experience. It eliminates the problem of thinking about each element, but tries to change the rules, not just apply them. And the real strategist understands that the strategies are aimed at people and changing their behavior. Their strategic business advice is based on an understanding of human behavior. Just as in the war, a strategy not only does the job, but also allows you to defeat the race, to get higher returns than ever to win and win big money for the least amount of resource expenditure. So, even a brand design strategy, a new business introduction strategy, or any other type of strategy to recall what this really means and remember to include tactics that only, if not more important. Then you can add the prize.

Source by Rosemary Grace Brooks

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